In brief:

The WIT know-how during the filling procedure is a:
1. Mastered oxygen-free filling process.
2. Control of the protective properties for the wine (sulphites)
3. Sensory detection insuring a cork-free taste, or any other organoleptic deviation before the filling process.

The WIT packaging concept adapted for a good wine conservation (6 months to 1 year):
1. A patented glass tube.
2. An aluminium cap and a saranex joint specifically conceived for wine conservation.
3. A specifically designed protective carton boxe.

The WIT technology associate the packaging-concept quality with enologist know-how

The wine is a fragile product that needs a lot of care, protection during the filling procedure and throughout its conservation. Oxygen is the main factor of wine deterioration.

The filling-in-WIT procedure

During the filling-in-WIT procedure, the wine is transferred in an oxygen-free atmospheric condition.

• The process uses gravity for transfer, no pumping at any stage, and no oxygen contact.

The WIT will contain your unaltered wine.

Whenever the wine is filled in WIT, the screw-cap will guarantee a hermetically seal for the WIT and therefore no oxygen penetration.

Conservation period of WIT

The aluminum caps are well known among enologists as being one of the best protections from oxygen during the wine conservation.

• The WIT concept associates two main components (an aluminium cap and a glass tube) that guarantee an oxygen-free condition for the wine during its conservation. Therefore, its aromas and taste will not be modified, and remain unaltered.